Emergency Board Up Services

It’s not something anyone wants to think about initially, but knowing how to be prepared to protect your property after any disaster is essential. Our team holds high expectations for us to be swift, agile, and consistent in helping any properties recover from disasters.

Whether it’s water, fire, or storm damage, emergency board-up services are a surefire way to mediate and reply to overwhelming damage immediately before things worsen. Time-sensitive action is the name of JG Restorations game, and our 24/7 services are here for your convenience and safety no matter what damage occurs. Request a service today!

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Unattended Damage

Feeling lost on where to start repairs and cleaning up after a storm is normal. The issue comes from knowing how to take the next steps correctly without wasting any precious time to get your home or building protected. Our experience in building and home board-up services creates astounding results in repair and maintenance for the places that need it most after an emergency.

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Act Fast

We’ll get to sealing up your property quickly to stop potential thieves from taking advantage of newfound entrances while shielding it from future natural disasters. While your insurance policies will hopefully aid in repairing your home or building, it’s essential to have emergency board-up services that are ready for anything.

While you call the 24/7 emergency number, here are a few things you should do in response to the emergency before professionals arrive:

  • Avoid the operation of any electrical equipment

  • Locate any protective gear equipment you have stored around, gloves being a priority

  • Stay outside and away from the building if possible while professionals head your way to help


Why Work With Us?

Emergency Board Up Services are the fastest and most reliable go-to solution after any disastrous event to a home or building. JG Restoration knows the ins and outs for prompt and professional execution in the situations that call for it the most.

We serve everyone in Appleton, WI, and its surrounding areas with our emergency restoration services to keep you and your property safe. We are available for you at any time, and if your property requires immediate service, we are ready to take action! Contact us today to learn more.