Water Damage Restoration

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JG Restoration is a family-owned emergency services business serving customers in Appleton, WI. Whether your home has undergone fire, water, or mold damage, our experts are here for you regardless of how crucial the situation might be. Not only do we offer 24/7 emergency service, but we also give free damage assessments for your convenience. We want to help you with your commercial or residential water damage repair services, and we are confident we can exceed your expectations! Our mission is to provide you with solutions you can count on, and our passion for restoration services alongside our experience sets us apart from our competition.

If you encounter water damage at your commercial or residential property, we do not want you to panic! We deliver prompt restoration services to our customers, including homeowners, insurance agents, and more, and we will get the job done efficiently. What’s even better? Our experts believe in quality service and superior customer communication. We always put our customers first, and we thoroughly explain what your project will entail from start to finish. You can expect us within an hour of your call! Contact us today to learn more.



If you notice your property has water damage, the first step you should take is to immediately contact a service expert. Our team is ready to answer your call and assist you as fast as possible, and our quick delivery time is unmatched!

Here are a few dos to follow if you discover water damage:

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Call a qualified contractor

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Open drawers and cabinet doors to allow for inside drying

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Ventilate wet areas

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If you have hardwood floors, remove any standing water to avoid damage

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Take all of your belongings to dry somewhere


Water Damage Don’ts

On the flip side of the dos of water damage, we also have some tips for what not to do in this event. This kind of damage is not easy to clean up if it is significant, and we want to ensure you do everything you can to prevent further mishaps before one of our technicians can make their way to you.

Here are a few don'ts to follow if you discover water damage:

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Do not utilize any appliances such as a TV where there is water damage

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If you have drenched clothes, towels, etc., leave them where they are and let them dry out separately

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Moisture damage is sure to occur if your space is not dried effectively. Apply a heat source to dry any interior possible


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Do I have water damage?

If you notice any dark or wet spots, puddles, or a musty smell you might very well have water damage. Attend to this immediately!

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Is it possible to prevent water damage?

Proper maintenance of your home or commercial property is crucial in ensuring water damage does not occur. Thorough inspections performed by yourself or by a service expert can help prevent any surprises hidden within your property.

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Is my carpet or hardwood flooring salvageable after water damage?

Luckily, hardwood floors are easier to clean up compared to carpets. Carpeting, on the other hand, is best thrown out if it has not been attended to within 48 hours. Call our team today to get an expert opinion on if your carpet is better off replaced or saved.

Why Work With Us?

At JG Restoration, we work hard to ensure you receive the help you need in the event of significant water damage to your property. We understand the detriment water damage can cause, and we are committed to every one of our customers to guarantee we get the job done professionally for them.

If you notice your commercial or residential property has experienced water damage, call us at any time, and we are available to take care of your problem as fast as we can! Read our reviews to see what other customers have said about us!